The Open Real-Time Ethernet (ORTE) is an open source implementation of Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) communication protocol. RTPS is an application layer protocol targeted at real-time communication area, which is built on the top of standard UDP stack. Because it uses only the UDP protocol, it retains control of timing and reliability. Since there are many TCP/IP stack implementations under many operating systems and RTPS protocol does not have any other special HW/SW requirements, it should be easily ported to many HW/SW target platforms. ORTE currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Android and RTEMS.





ORTE can be downloaded from a project page at

Development happens mainly in topic branches of our git repository, which is mirrored to Github.

Note that old releases are located elsewhere.


ORTE is collectively maintained by Michal Sojka, Pavel Píša and Petr Smolík. You can submit an issue on Github or contact the maintainers via email at


Links to ORTE related projects:

  • ORTE was developed at Czech Technical University in Prague.

  • OpenDDS

    OpenDDS is an open-source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group's specification "Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems". OpenDDS is built on the ACE (ADAPTIVE Communication Environment) abstraction layer to provide platform portability. OpenDDS also leverages capabilities of TAO (The ACE Orb), such as its IDL compiler and as the basis of the OpenDDS DCPS Information Repository (DCPSInfoRepo).

  • JacORB DDS

    The distribution provides an open-source Java-based DDS-DCPS implementation. The purpose of this implementation is pedagogical and demonstrations

  • SQLbusRT is a software package which enables SQL in a publish subscribe environment with real time provisions. The software package finds it usage in:

    • Real time measuring environments (data acquisition),
    • Fast messaging systems,
    • Real time database in machine automation, and SCADA systems
    • Medical systems
    • Military battlesystems
  • PyPubSub (short for Python based Publish Subscribe) is a framework for implementing a publish subscribe mechanism into a Python application.


We are aware of the following uses of ORTE:

  • Imtech

    • ORTE as core message exchange mechanism in an aerodynamic wind tunnel automation project, for one of the main windtunnel facilities of the world. (see for more info).

    • ORTE as message exchange mechanism for the Dutch government: in the automation facility for public water level management in the Netherlands. For an example, see this document.

  • Flamingos and CTU Dragons Eurobot teams

    A group of university staffs and students, who are interested in robotics and control engineering. Their objective is to design and develop robots for various competitions.

  • Network Vehicle Systems -- Paper

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